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Your Voice Is Unique. Your Training Should Be Too.

Say goodbye to generic, ineffective training. Many singers struggle to improve because they focus on things that don’t help their particular voice type. This leads to frustration and self doubt.

Don’t fall victim to generalized training. Learn how to improve your voice with our Skype singing lessons.

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Let Me Show You the Way…

With over a decade plus of teaching, Ken has learned to see with his ears and quickly help singers like you identify and correct your vocal imbalances.

Over time, you’ll start to create new, more effective vocal habits that allow you to do more than you ever thought possible.

But, you have to put in the work. As Ken likes to say, “I’m a GPS, not an Uber. I can show you the way, but you have to walk the path.”


Skype Vocal Coach Ken Taylor

Ken's helped hundreds of singers accomplish their goals over the last decade, and now he can help you too.

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Learn The Foundations.

Singing is a series of complex coordinations. All the pieces must be balanced to work together. Generic training falls short because we all have different habits and need different levels of correction. However, the Foundations System helps you identify where you are and gives you a clear plan on how to move forward, making sure you always know the next step.

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With Great Talent Comes Great Responsibility.

As a singer, it’s your responsibility to develop and share your talent the world. Don’t waste your time on training that leaves you stuck right where you are. Get immediate focus on how to improve your voice and Book a Lesson today!

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