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Vocal Coach Ken Taylor has been helping singers like you reach their goals for over a decade. While he has a degree in vocal performance from the University of Tennessee, Ken's education didn't stop there. After college, he sought out the most successful coaches in the world and learned teaching techniques directly from them. During that journey, he decided to become a certified Brett Manning Associate.

His teaching method is diverse and focused on helping his clients get the most out of their voice. Technically, the goal is to help you find ease and balance throughout your entire range, making sure you're taking advantage of your mix. Once you start to build momentum technically, then the focus shifts to the style side, helping you develop an interesting sound that's certain to catch your listeners ear.

Ken started teaching skype lessons upon request after some of his vocal tip videos started taking off on youtube (Ken's Youtube Channel). Since then, he has taught hundreds of lessons over skype with clients all over the US and in several other countries.

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