Hey all! Vocal Coach Ken Taylor here. Every once in a while, I have people ask me how it’s possible that I can teach voice lessons on Skype. My response is not only is it possible, it’s easily done.
I’ve taken dozens of Skype lessons over my singing career, and taught hundreds. So, I feel well qualified to chime in on the topic. So, below I’ll share with you the main advantages of doing voice lessons through Skype.
It Gives You Access to a Much Larger Pool of Talented Coaches.
There are hundreds of voice teachers out there. Few are great, many are mediocre, and others are less proficient. Large cities and cities known for entertainment tend to have the best coaches. But, not everyone lives in a place like that, so you may or may not have a coach that’s a good fit for you around.
For me, I started taking lessons in my home town when I was younger. My first couple of teachers helped me develop my talent to a certain level, but at some point I needed more. So, I started trying out coaches in the Nashville area. Thankfully, the best coaches all offered skype lessons, which saved me a ton in time and gas.
In my case, doing voice lessons online provided more options and helped me find a coach to get me to the next level.
It Saves You Drive Time.
Even if you’re fortunate enough to live in a place with talented coaches, there’s still a big hurdle – traffic. Unless your coach is around the block, odds are you have over an hour round trip commute to lessons. Since most of us stay pretty busy nowadays, it can be hard to fit in the lessons we love into our schedule.
But if you do skype sessions, you don’t have to take an hour or more round trip to drive across town for lessons. Instead, you can spend that time preparing for your lesson in the comfort of your own home.
Also, I have many local clients who chose to work with me through Skype here and there when they’re busy. We all have our reasons. But skype lessons allow them not to miss if they get out of work late or their schedule won’t allow them to make the drive. So, they send me a quick text saying, “lets do skype today.” It’s that easy.
It’s Way More Convenient for Parents. 
When I moved from Memphis to Orlando, many of my clients continued with me through Skype. While some were reluctant at first, most of them ended up loving it.
One of the mothers told me a few weeks later that she wished we had moved to Skype sooner. She’d joke about how now she gets to sit around in her house all comfy in sweat pants. Before, she had to get presentable, driving 30 minutes, wait an hour, then driving 30 minutes back. It’s easy to see her point.
You Can Do the Lessons Anywhere.
Well, anywhere that has solid internet and isn’t full of distractions. I’ve had clients Skype me from home, on the go, in the recording studio, or even their university practice room.
Got a work trip? No biggie. You can still do your lesson. Traveling for an audition and need a last minute run through? Hop on the computer. It’s super easy. Visiting family? They won’t judge you. Take an hour and do your lesson.
Skyping makes lessons super convenient. It’s also given me a handful of funny stories along the way. I’ve worked with client in a parked car during their brother’s soccer game. I’ve had an Intro with a new client sitting in their college library because he couldn’t find a practice room. Fortunately, he found one before we started singing. The stories go on and on.
I’ve also had a couple of clients try to do a lessons while driving. While that setting could work in theory, I refuse to do it. I’d rather lose the money I get from a lesson than compromise a client’s safety.
Wrapping It Up.
I’m sure you’re starting to see the many advantages of Skype singing lessons. That said, if you want to give them a try, you can find out more on our lessons page.
Thanks for reading and I look forward to working with you soon!
~ Vocal Coach Ken Taylor