Hey All! I just came across someone asking about the effectiveness of Skype singing lessons. So, I figured I’d share my perspective on the topic. First off, I’ve been teaching singers for 12 years now, and have taught through Skype for over 5 years. I’ve taught hundreds of Skype singing lessons, so I’m very familiar with the platform. Because of my experience, I feel very well qualified to answer this question.
So, are Skype singing lessons effective? The short answer – Yes. I’d argue Skype singing lessons are as effective as in person lessons.
I can hear everything that I need to know how to work with a client’s voice over Skype. In that capacity, it’s no different than working with someone in the same room. In person lessons and Skype lessons are virtually the same (haha).
But, there are some scenarios when Skype lessons aren’t preferable.
First, while there are always work around, the time delay can get in the way. For example, it’s hard for a singer with an undeveloped ear to follow a scale without having it played with them. In Skype, vocal warm ups are sang a cappella. Second, because of the time delay, any accompanying music is played on the singers end.
Those are the two most common differences. Other more rare issues are working on harmonies and general focus. Harmonies can be difficult to work on as we cannot sing together. And if a singer is too young and lacks focus, Skype may be a bad fit. There are often too many distractions at home.
Of course, if both parties don’t have high speed internet, Skype lessons aren’t a good option.
Other than that, Skype singing lessons are absolutely as effective as in-person lessons. And if you’d like to give them a try, I’d be happy to help. You can learn more about lesson here. I hope this helped!
Vocal Coach Ken Taylor