Hello All!

Today, I decided to travel waaaaaay back to one of the first video lessons I posted – how to sing louder. While I don’t believe singing louder is always better, creating a full sound can be a struggle for a lot of beginner singers. Hopefully this video will help to give you some insight on how to sing in an open, released way.

But first, here’s a little summary. Put simply, singing louder is all about resonance. The more space you use, the more sound you have. The reverse is equally true. If your tongue pulls up or back and shuts off resonance, then your sound gets much smaller. If you don’t take full advantage of chest voice on the lower end of your range, then making a solid sound will be more work.

Learning to take advantage of resonance is vital to a singer as it keeps you from pushing like crazy to make a bigger sound. Resonance allows you to create a full sound without excess effort.

Anyway, I hope this old video of mine really helps you understand your voice a little better.

Vocal Coach Ken Taylor

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