Your Introductory Lesson

What Technology to Have

Skype: Make sure you have Skype installed on your device. If not, you can download Skype from the Apple & Android app stores or install it on your computer through Skype.com.

Additional Device: It's not necessary to have another electronic device, but it is often helpful to have an additional device with which to play an instrumental track or look at lyrics!

What to Prepare

Be ready to sing a song! It doesn’t have to be anything memorized and you don’t need sheet music. You can pull it up on YouTube and you can sing along with the artist with lyrics on the screen if you'd like. We just want to get a feel for what you sound like if you were just singing in your car (we know you do) before we do anything or give any feedback.

Have some questions (optional). If you have questions, get ready to ask them! If you don’t… that’s fine too! But just know you can ask us.

What to Expect

The Lesson: You’ll go through your song and any questions you may have. Then, your coach will likely delve into a combination of vocal exercises, instruction, and feedback. At the end, they’ll have you run through your song again so you can see/feel/hear your improvement!

Laugh: We take vocal health and improvement seriously, but we’re also LOTS of fun. You’ll laugh, have fun, and learn a lot along the way.