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Imagine learning from some of the best vocal coaches in the industry no matter where you live! Private online singing lessons are not a new idea to us. They're "virtually" the same as in-person lessons! Many of our coaches have taught online for years - experience that ensures you will have fun, productive online lessons.

Not a tech person? No problem! If you'd like, we can help you set everything up after you book with us!

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What Do I Need to Get Started?

All you need for Skype lessons are a solid internet connection, a device with a mic and webcam, and the desire to learn. We can help with the rest!

Got questions? Feel free to ask. We're available by phone or email. Details are on our contact page. Otherwise, you can book your lesson right now by clicking the button below!

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  • Why Should I Take Skype Singing Lessons?

    Do Voice Lessons Online Even Work?Sure they do. They’re virtually the same as in person lessons. The biggest difference is the time delay. This just means you have to be able to do your warm-ups a cappella and need to play any accompanying track on your end. Beyond that, Skype singing lessons are the same as being in the same room with your coach.

    Are Private Singing Lessons Online Worth It?This is a question that only you can answer. If you have access to great coaches in your area, you may not need to do voice lessons online. However, most of the talented vocal coaches live in bigger cities where there are more professional singers. This leaves the rest of the world at a disadvantage, unless you turn to Skype voice lessons. We offer professional level coaching to anyone with an internet connection. So if you're looking for a talented coach that can help you take your voice to the next level, then yes, it’s worth it.

    Why Choose Us When Looking For A Skype Vocal Coach?Ken has been a full-time voice teacher for over a decade. During that time, he's helped hundreds of singers from all over the world discover their potential. Vocal instruction is about more than just breathing correctly. As an artist, you have to learn to balance good vocal technique with style and vocal authenticity. When you do this, you become undeniable to your listeners. Ken can help you accomplish this.

  • What You Need to Know About Our Private Online Voice Lessons.

    What Do I Need For Skype Singing Lessons?
    You need high speed internet and a device that supports Skype. This can be a computer, a smart phone or a tablet. Yes, you can Skype a lesson even over your iPhone or iPad.
    Do Skype Voice Lessons Require A Special Microphone Or Video Camera?
    Not usually. The stock camera and microphone in most relatively new devices will suffice. However, if you want to take your gear to the next level, you can. You can upgrade your setup with a Blue Yeti mic and Logetic c920 webcam if you want. They will give you a solid boost in video streaming quality for less than $200.
    Are Private Voice Lessons Online Affordable?
    It depends on who you work with. Most Skype vocal coaches charge $150+ per hour. At Skype Singing Lessons, we strive to offer you quality coaches at an affordable rate. Visit our Book A Lesson page to view pricing.
    How Do I Pay For My Voice Lesson On Skype?
    All you need to do is visit the Book a Lesson page on our site and follow the instruction. It will walk you through both scheduling and paying for your lesson.
    Do Your Offer Any Discounted Lesson Rates?
    Yes. We greatly discount your first session. We do this so you can get to know your new instructor as well as become comfortable with the Skype lesson setting. We also offer over a 10% discount to weekly clients that pay monthly in advance on auto debit. To take advantage of this option, call our scheduler at (800)289-0088 or ask your coach during a lesson.
  • Other Frequently Asked Questions

    How Often Should I Take Lessons?
    That’s up to you. What you want to remember is singing is a habit. You’ll need quite a bit of repetition of right action for that habit to stick. For that reason, it's best to do lessons consistently in the beginning. This way you are able to more confidently implement the new ideas you're learning.

    How Long Will I Need To Take Lessons?

    That’s completely up to you! Our goal is to give you the tools to go out there share your talent with others. How much guidance and repetition you need to do that? That depends on both your present habits and your ability to  implement new, complex vocal coordinations I would suggest doing weekly lessons for at least 90 days as that’s how long it  scientifically takes to establish habit . That said, if you can't commit to regular lessons at first, one-time lessons can still be helpful. You just have to prepare yourself to take the ideas presented in your lesson and run with them.
    What’s Your Make Up Policy?
    A lesson can be rescheduled no more than once by calling our scheduler at least 24 hours in advance. No call, no show lessons will  be charged 100% of the lesson rate as you are paying to reserve the time of your coach, not for the lesson itself . Exceptions will be made sparingly due to extreme circumstances. There is a no refund policy on all lessons.
    Do You Offer Any Non One-on-One Singing Lessons Online?
    I have quite a few videos up on YouTube as well as a free tutorial I created a while back called GrowMyRange. I’m also creating an online singing lessons class called Foundations. But for now, you can check out my coaching YouTube channel here or the GrowMyRange series here. Feel free to give them a look over before you decide to schedule your first session.
    Do You Offer Any Free Skype Singing Lessons?
    No. Instead of offering free one-on-one Skype voice lessons, Ken share vocal tip videos and articles online. Share your questions on facebook and we’ll respond with some helpful tips.
    I’m So Excited! How Can I Get Started?
    Go to our Book a Lesson page or call our scheduler at (800)289-0088.