While youtube has a lot of great videos on the basics of singing, learning how to sing on youtube is a bit of a challenge. Why? The answer is very simple – we singers are all very different. Things that would help one singer might hurt another. So, lets take a minute to discuss the best and worst kind of youtube singing tips videos.

First off, lets chat about breathing. Breathing is an crucial part of the singing process and is teachable through video. That said, there are many different breathing methods a singer can use. So be aware that if you watch 5 videos on breathing, you might get 5 different opinions. My opinion is once you find a method that helps you, stick with it.

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Second, there are many singing tips videos on relaxation and vocal tension. I’d also throw videos on posture in this category as well. Healthy singing requres that you stay free of tension and use good posture. So, any ideas you find on youtube that help you accomplish that, use it. No need to be too cautious here.

Third, there’s vocal anatomy. Learning more about your vocal instrument is great. That said, we all have a different habits and biological make up. So tips dealing with tongue placement, the larynx, and cord closure are a bit more situational. The solutions here will vary from person to person.

Remember, we are all starting with very different vocal habits. An idea that might be helpful for some could be a harmful direction for others. Best to let your voice be your guide. Or better yet, find a good vocal coach to help you. If that’s not an option, I’d simply say this. If it helps, use it. If it doesn’t, don’t.

Finally, there are the general “How to Sing Like XYZ” videos. I understand why coaches post these videos. Many singers are looking for them and want them. I just think they’re wildly helpful. Not necessarily because they’re wrong. It’s just the likelihood of a video like this helping it’s viewers accomplish anything meaningful is very small.

Not only that, but why would you want to sound like anyone but yourself in the first place. Seems like a bad idea to me (and a lot of work).

Well, that wraps up this article for me. I hope this helps you better navigate and utilize the many vocal tip videos out there. Youtube really can be a great resource for beginning singers.

That said, if you’d like to work with a vocal coach online that can help you with your specific issues, I’d love to help! You can find out more about on my Lessons Page.

Vocal Coach Ken Taylor